About Us

The Glebe Hotel is a family run hotel which opened in 2018. Below the hotel is a fantastic bar which opened in 2015. The bar is named after the owner’s father Bernie May, who passed away in 2012. He was a bricklayer who rebuilt some of the actual fireplaces in the bar over 20 years ago. After a hard day at work Bernie would often pop into the bar (then named The Glebe) for a well deserved pint of bitter.


When the bar was bought in 2014, the owners decided to focus solely on refurbishing the ground floor of the building, turning this into the bar now known as Bernie May’s. However, above the newly refurbished modern bar lay two empty and derelict floors that had been untouched for decades.


Over the course of 2017 and early 2018 these upstairs derelict floors were carefully renovated into a modern hotel, whilst at the same time retaining some of the charming and original features that are associated with a building of it’s age; such as exposed brickwork, wooden ceiling beams and door arches.


To honour the history of the building, the owners decided to name the hotel The Glebe Hotel, which it had previously been known by many years ago. The building actually has this name carved into the spire, located at the front corner. To honour the owner’s father, a display box has been created on the second floor which contains some of his actual tools that he would have used to work on parts of the building years earlier.

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